NDASENDATM strongly believes in a sincere and transparent approach to its users. You trust and love us and we would never put growth before trust. This policy document aims at minimizing instances of user complaints, grievances and disappointments via channelized approach, review and redressal. The self-review will be of help in identifying shortcomings in the product features and service delivery. If you’re disappointed, then at some point in time we’ve not done a great enough job. NDASENDA TM policy on grievance redressal follows the under noted principles.

  • Our users are to be treated fairly at all times.
  • Complaints or concerns raised by users are dealt with an open mind, with courtesy and in a timely manner.
  • Users are informed about the channels to escalate their complaints, concerns and grievances within NDASENDATM and their rights if they are not satisfied with the resolution of their complaints.
  • NDASENDATM will take care of all complaints efficiently and fairly as they value each user.
  • All employees at NDASENDATM must work in good faith and without prejudice to the interests of the users.

We understand that customer grievances can happen due to multiple reasons. It can be because of the gap between the promised service levels and the service levels actually offered. Since we are dealing with humans, a lot of grievances can arise due to the attitudinal and the way communication gets done. It can also happen due to the actual errors across the system.

Users have complete authority to file a complaint/ share feedback if they are disappointed by services rendered by NDASENDATM. They can give their complaint/ feedback in writing, email, or on If user’s dilemma is not resolved within the given time or if they are not satisfied with the solution provided by NDASENDATM, they can approach our tiered redressal system with their complaint or other legal avenues available for grievance redressal. In order to make NDASENDATM redressal channels more meaningful and effective, a structured system has been put in place. This system will ensure that the complaints are redressed seamlessly and well within the stipulated timeframe.

  1. Awareness of Grievance Redressal System

    At NDASENDATM, the users’ experience is what we deliberate and focus on. This is why we listen and take the time to know our users and take their concerns seriously. Going skin-deep to analyze and scrutinize, how you would feel from the time you step-in to till the time you’re done, helps us evolve and enhance our services. If a user has found our experience simple and incredible we know we are doing something worthy. However, when a user is concerned or has complaints we do everything we can to fix it and make it right.

  2. Sensitizing staff on handling complaints

    Our staff undergoes regular training to ensure that consumers queries and grievances are handled properly. They are encouraged to work in a manner which helps us in building the consumer trust and confidence. This reflects in both the operations as well as the customer communications. Top reasons behind the consumer queries are analysed and worked upon in a way which aims at removal of these reasons from the root. This helps in improving the overall quality of the service levels gradually.

  3. How to reach NDASENDATM ?

    Level 1 Call us on (+263) 263 4 776 177, (+263) 78444 8162, (+263) 71858 2055 or (+263) 73635 4251 from your registered mobile number
    Level 2 If the resolution you received does not meet your expectations, please escalate your concern to the Service Head at
    Level 3If you are still not satisfied, please write to:
    Grievance Officer
    FN Software Solutions Private Limited
    10, Cambridge Road, New Lands
    Harare, Zimbabwe Email:
    Time: Mon – Fri (08:00 am – 05:00 pm)

  4. Estimated time taken to address your queries, concerns, complaints

    Suitable timelines have been set for every complaint depending upon the investigations which would be involved in resolving the same. Here are the estimated timelines at various levels of queries/escalations

    First response to a user’s query/concern 24 hours
    Follow-up queries 48 hours
    Escalated cases 7 days
    Customer grievances 15 days
    Users are requested to raise the concern to next level only if they do not get a resolution within the time frame mentioned above. This will help us in resolving your concern in a smoother way.

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