Business Advantages

How NDASENDATM brings added advantages to you and your business ?

  1. Safe & Secure

    NDASENDATM provides complete safety and security in terms of safeguarding your personal and financial information. Industry-accepted security practices along with multi-level authentication system have been put in place to authenticate the user’s identity while accessing the account.

  2. Fast, easy to use and convenient

    Our easy choice options to pay bills and services makes your life convenient and thus you can service as many as customers. You can save up your favourite transactions for later easy one-click payments.

  3. Instant Online Voucher Generation and Redemption

    The transaction is completed in every respect at the same instance of final click at The service fulfilment is done with the backend systems and confirmation is received without delays. The confirmation could be in the form as SMS on the registered mobile numbers or registered mail ID.

  4. One Stop Shop for Online selling and distribution of Multiple Services

    No need to purchase and maintain huge inventories. Reinvent yourself with the platform built with futuristic technologies to support Assisted Commerce business model. Login and transact to sell and distribute online services.

  5. Single Electronic Terminal Dispenser for all type of Voucher based services and many other services

    No need to maintain multiple inventories of different services. Login at, you can avail multiple services ranging from payment of bills, different types like airtime, data and broadband, from different operators (Econet, Netone, Telecel, TelOne). Lot many services are being included day by day.

  6. Single Terminal for all services = 100% business + 0% Customer loss

    Access the platform with the device of your choice and start selling and distributing the services. Earn commissions on selling higher and higher number of services. While you focus on selling and distribution of services, we shall help boosting your business revenues.

  7. No minimum Business Balance to be maintained

    No minimum business balance required to be maintained in your account. Top-up with your comfortability and start trading.

  8. No minimum order quantity to be maintained

    No need to procure pre-paid inventory. Just top-up your account and start trading.

  9. No blockage of investment in higher denomination PINs

    You can sell PINS with available denominations across multiple services. Get your commissions real-time on per transaction basis.

  10. Easy on your Cash Flow

    An edge on traditional retail business model where you can top-up according to your pocket limit while still earn the commissions on selling and distributing services.

  11. High profitable business with no shelf space requirement

    Platform can be accessed through a smartphone or tablet or laptop connected to a printer with internet connection. Login, transact and earn profits. No need to rent out a shop. You can use your home, car, bike or as simple as a table to put your device and access the platform.

  12. Reports available at all times

    Login at and you can access the reports of any transactions at any time.

  13. Dedicated Relationship Managers

    For us your needs are foremost. We have a dedicated team to cater your needs. Call us on the Client Access Managers Helpline (+263) 263 4 776 177, (+263) 78444 8162, (+263) 71858 2055 or (+263) 73635 4251 to get in touch with your relationship manager. Our dedicated Relationship Managers shall help boosting your business to the next level.

  14. Dedicated Customer Care Support

    You can reach us with your queries anytime through our Customer Care and it will be our pleasure to help you overcoming the issues you have reported.

Our Service Partners

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  • Econet | Telecel | NetOne
  • Broadband
  • Africom | TelOne
  • WiFi Vouchers
  • TelOne
  • VOIP
  • Africom
  • Electricity
  • ZESA

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